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Steel Art Signs

Historical image of Steel Art Signs

Markham Office 65 Years Ago is one of the largest manufacturers of exterior and interior signage in Canada and the USA. For over 65 years, Steel Art has designed, built, installed, and maintained signage across the country for a who’s who of North America’s most prestigious companies. Throughout 65 years in the sign industry, Steel Art has acquired the ability to meet both regular and accelerated work schedules involving a wide variety of sign requirements. Our exceptional products are manufactured in a 100,000 square foot facility located on five acres of land in Ontario, Canada. The Steel Art team has worked on projects ranging from under $1000 to over $20 million in value, and has continued to deliver full turnkey service that leaves their customers feeling completely satisfied.

Regardless of the contract size, Steel Art approaches each and every job with the same methodology to ensure on-time delivery and a top-quality product. The Steel Art team is happy to work directly with the end user, but also has extensive experience working with General Contractors, Architects, Designers, and Purchasers from some of the most highly-regarded firms in the world. Our dedicated staff, comprised of over 70 full-time employees, work tirelessly to ensure that the company’s many customers receive the very best service that the sign industry has to offer; this is one of the many reasons that our national clients continue coming back to Steel Art for their signage needs.

In a corporate environment that is saturated with visual branding, an attractive and easily identifiable sign is the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign. Signage programs are an essential part of constructing a brand image that will create a sense of familiarity in the consumer and separate a company from its competition. Signs are the primary identifier for all commercial and retail locations, and an attractive sign has the power to shape a potential customer’s perception of a business.

Services Provided:

Design: Our award-winning designers and engineers have worked together to tackle some of the most challenging custom sign requests in the country. Whether it is a 60 foot high rotating pylon sign or an intricate way-finding system, our Pre-Production Department is capable of developing a flawless design for whatever our clients may need.

Permits: Steel Art’s Permit Coordinators are responsible for providing a worry-free experience for our clients by ensuring that the customer has been granted all necessary approvals prior to installation. Our Permit Department has experience working with nearly every municipality across the country to ensure a smooth rollout from beginning to end.

Production: The sheer size and capability of Steel Art’s manufacturing plant places it in an exclusive group of premier North American sign companies. Steel Art has mobilized its workforce to handle massive rollouts for its national accounts, including supplying signs to over 500 sites in a single year for a single client. Due to our incredibly skilled labour force and thorough quality assurance process, Steel Art’s yearly deficiencies amount to less than 1% of its total sales.

Installation: Steel Art uses a broad network of carefully selected installers to ensure smooth sign installations from coast-to-coast. With over 150 installers, we can guarantee that there is no location too remote for Steel Art to service. Steel Art has installed everything from 22 foot high illuminated channel letters in Windsor to a 25 foot high corporate logo over 50 stories in the air in Toronto.